Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience we want to share some valuable information on how to make your stay in Dubai as comfortable as possible.


There are two airports in Dubai, the Dubai International Airport and the Al Maktoum International Airport-DWC. The Dubai International Airport is the primary airport closer to the city with a large Duty Free and variety of shops to enjoy. Transportation is easy within the airport as well as getting to and from it.

Entry Visa

For many countries, an entry visa is provided on arrival but you have to check with your country of origin to find out if you need to have a visa prepared in advance. You can learn more about it here.


While Dubai is a Muslim city, it does not require the women to be fully covered or to cover their hair though it is important to be respectful. Because you are visiting a country with its own set of rules, make sure you are dressed appropriately without showing too much skin. Shorts, skirts and spaghetti straps are allowed but follow the general rules of dressing and you should be fine. Double check your garments for any explicit prints or offensive imagery or language to make sure everything is appropriate for your visit.


Hotels, malls and other venues have ATMs that you can access 24/7. There are many banks to choose from in Dubai and the employees speak English but they are only open during the day. If you need to access a bank, check online for the closest option and a taxi can take you there.


In case of emergency you can contact your hotel or call the local authorities to aid you. The number for Dubai police or to get an ambulance is 999, for the Fire Dpt call 997. Save these numbers and the number of your hotel in your phone!


Dubai has many options for transportation to make getting around simple. Taxis are readily available throughout the city and all taxi drivers speak English, so communication shouldn't be an issue. The Uber app works in Dubai if the service is more convenient for you. Along with these options you can also take the metro that has streamlined transportation.


Pharmacies are readily available throughout the city with 24-hour options as well. The pharmacists speak English and are happy to help with any ailments or questions you might have.

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