Online to Offline - and Back

Online to Offline - and Back

The future of shopping is already here with, creating new opportunities for everyone, everywhere. It’s now achievable to experience an elevated shopping standard.

Think Seamless

Think Seamless

Retail will experience more disruption in the next 10 years than it has in the previous 100. is well-suited to ride the wave of the next decade, keeping Business Associates relevant and effective.

The New Definition Of Value

The New Definition Of Value empowers global shoppers with information, choice and value within the purchase journey, bringing a great deal of opportunity to all involved.

About the Summit

The Dubai Summit 2018 is an exclusive two-day conference hosted by the world’s Leader in global Cash Back shopping held in the beautiful city of Dubai on March 9 & 10, 2018. We're pulling back the curtains and revealing the next generation of shopping, a truly unmissable opportunity. We have corporate speakers and top leaders lined up on hand to discuss the main themes of this must-attend event. Join 100’s of Business Associates from all over the world to gain valuable insights and insider tips on how you can build a profitable business.

The Unique Venue

Dubai is a spectacle, a befitting destination to host this world-class event. The luxury offered from Dubai in unparalleled worldwide. From the moment you arrive, take in the splendor of the modern architecture, the warm embrace of the locals, unforgettable culture and sights, sounds, food and shopping aplenty. Atlantis, The Palm is remarkable in and of itself and is measurable of this momentous event.

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Meet Some of Our Speakers

We have a long line-up of corporate leaders and visionaries planned to present on a variety of topics.

Brace yourself for the Dubai Summit 2018 event and the educations take-aways of this historical event. The information provide in Dubai will be unmatched than any other local world tour event all year long. Corporate speakers and special guests will share actionable information to help you build your Dubli Network business more than ever before.

Michael Hansen
Michael Hansen
CEO & Director
Michael Hansen
Jerry Yerke
Chief Network Officer
Brian McIntosh
Brian McIntosh
Corporate Training and Compliance Manager

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The Future of Shopping - Magazine

The issue highlights the Dubli Network President's Club trip to the Maldives in June, profiles several successful Vice Presidents from around the world and includes a variety of information about the future of e-commerce. Read more about what Dubli has in store for the future.

Inside Dubli Network Magazine Inside Dubli Network Magazine

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The Leader in Global Online Cash Back Shopping

Throughout its long history, our company has enjoyed many great accomplishments and milestones. We are excited to share the next round with you. Acquisition International has recognized our company for our leadership position with the global Cash Back shopping segment and in May, 2017, Michael Hansen, our Founder and CEO, graciously received the 2017 USA Business Executive Award for CEO of the Year.


Set on the iconic Palm Jumeirah island with views of the Arabian Gulf, this posh resort is 14 km from Wild Wadi Water Park and 15 km from Mall of the Emirates.